10 Easy & Effective Property Marketing Ideas

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Want to sell your property? A Guide to Alternative Advertising Streams

Well, you could go the traditional route and use an estate agent, but there is another way that will put your property in front of far more people and will cost you a lot less than the commissions charged by estate agents. 

How? Get your property advertised online YOURSELF!

How to sell your home?

There are lots of different ways of marketing your property – from auctions to YouTube, we guide you through the options using a traditional estate agent has it’s advantages (they will advertise the property for you, arrange viewings etc) but it does come at a high cost – many agents now charge as much as 2% of the sale price which often adds up to many thousands of pounds.

So more and more people are choosing to bypass traditional estate agents and sell their properties themselves using the growing number of available online services.

Not surprisingly, the agents are not happy about what many see as an attempt to do them out of business.


Before rushing to sign with an online agent, though, it is worth considering all the ways of selling your property.

How To Prepare Your Home For Fast Sale

If your house stubbornly refuses to sell, never fear – here are some expert tips to help you get things moving:

Make sure you select the best Estate agent for the type of property you have. Look in the Estate Agents window to see if houses like yours are advertised there. Then fix the right price, bearing in mind that the market calms down in the summer, so there’s no point being too ambitious.

First impressions are vital! – Tidy up the front garden and the drive and paint the front door. Kitchens and bathrooms sell houses, so get cleaning and polishing. Buy things such as a new kettle, new bathroom lino, new door handles.

Clear out the clutter, turn the storage room into a bedroom, then ask a friend to come round and give their honest opinion.

If your house still doesn’t sell 

ask your agents why they haven’t sold it and how you can help them do their job.

The two most important factors when selling a house are presentation and price. Most people will have an emotional response to a house within ten seconds, so you have to be tidy and your children can’t leave their underpants on the floor!

Even more important is the price

Property Markets can cool-off so you need to attract the most number of buyers. A high price is not going to get people through the door, so put it on at a guide price at the bottom end of your expectations, and you should then get several bidders who will push the price up.

If you’re prepared to gamble a little this strategy can pay off well.

If it still doesn’t sell

drop the price to appeal to a whole new level of buyers – there’s no point tinkering at the margins.

We strongly believe there’s no such thing as a house that won’t sell. If it isn’t selling it’s too expensive. The danger is that there can be huge optimism in terms of value, so estate agents will come up with a figure they hope to get, and the vendor spends that in their head.

Look at what you can buy in your area for the price you’re asking. If you need to drop the price, take the house off the market for two weeks before launching it with a new agent at a price at least 10 per cent lower.

There are also cosmetic things you can do that may make a buyer pick your house over someone else’s. Cleaning the windows is the most important: it will make rooms look lighter and brighter.

However, if you find yourself in need of a very rapid sale and are happy to accept a cash offer from an investor then you can consider using a specialist fast purchase company. See our ‘Sell Your House Fast’ section for more information.

Online Sales Options

How does it work?
You can put together a short video or slide show with audio commentary showing and describing your property – this is now much easier than you might think with most PCs and Mac computers these days coming with in-built media software.

What are the benefits?

Access trendy web surfers who wouldn’t be seen dead on a property portal. What to watch out for: Video sharing sites are NOT normally the first stop for people wanting to buy a house.

Property Auction Houses

How does it work?

The auction house will take photographs and put together details for a catalogue, which will appear three weeks before a sale, giving prospective buyers time to look round and arrange surveys. It will also value the house, giving a nonbinding guide price.

Once the hammer has gone down, the sale is binding on both sides. The buyer pays a 10% deposit and the sale continues as it would through an agent.

What it costs?

Not much less than an agent – auctioneers’ fees are usually about 1.5% of the property’s value, and there is a catalogue entry fee of £375-£700, depending on how much space you take. You will also need to pay a solicitor to complete the sale.

What are the benefits? 

It can be a good way to get rid of a property that needs modernising. Auctions also make for a quick sale. The auction date gives everyone focus and sales are sometimes agreed prior to the auction, which makes it even quicker.

What to watch out for: Unless a property is unmodernised, it’s not always the best place to go as most auction buyers are looking for some kind of discount to attract them to it.

If you receive an offer before auction, the contract must be signed before the date of the sale, otherwise, it will be auctioned anyway.